Intermittent fasting and muscle breakdown / protein deficiency



“David Lau, an weight problems researcher, professor and chair of the diabetes and endocrine exploration team at the University of Calgary. When glycogen shops in the liver are depleted, the system does not melt away extra fat: It breaks down protein. Lau reported starvation will only melt away fat as gas just after about a 7 days of hunger.

“Muscle protein breakdown occurs in the very first 24 hrs of hunger,” he said. “Muscle protein breakdown [is] not balanced.”

His concern is that quite a few persons are fasting without acknowledging they may possibly be dropping crucial muscle mass. The risk is that as protein in the physique breaks down, it could lead to other undesirable facet outcomes, these as altered immunity. In order to combat infections, the body requires to develop antibodies, a style of protein. But when the human body is breaking down protein for gasoline, it may well not deliver the appropriate signal to make antibodies, Lau explained.”

But… as Dr Jason fung put is in quite a few a video clip and in this post: mass-mass-fasting-aspect-14/

“Muscle gain/ decline is largely a purpose of Training. You can’t eat your way to additional muscle mass. Dietary supplement businesses, of training course, try out to influence you otherwise. Eat creatine (or protein shakes, or eye of newt) and you will build muscle. Which is silly. There is a person great way to construct muscle mass – exercise. So if you are nervous about muscle reduction – workout. It ain’t rocket science. Just never confuse the two concerns of food plan and exercise. Don’t fear about what your diet (or deficiency of diet program – fasting) is executing to your muscle mass. Physical exercise builds muscle mass. Okay? Obvious?Macro oxidation

So the primary issue is this – if you rapid for very long adequate, does not your entire body start off to burn up muscle mass in extra of what it was carrying out beforehand in purchase to develop glucose for the overall body. Hell, no.

Let us seem thoroughly at this graph by Dr. Kevin Corridor from the NIH in the ebook “Comparative Physiology of Fasting, Starvation, and Foodstuff Limitation”. Wonderful title fellas. Amazon almost certainly could not preserve enough inventory on the shelves.

But anywho, this is a graph of exactly where the electricity to energy our bodies will come from, from the start out of fasting. At time zero, you can see that there is a combine of energy coming from carbs, fat and protein. In just the initial working day or so of fasting, you can see that the entire body originally begins by burning carbs (sugar) for energy. Having said that, the entire body has confined potential to retail store sugar. So, soon after the to start with day, fats burning starts.”

In my practical experience, I’ve been IF for five consecutive times midweek throughout Feb and into March. I do health club do the job, swimming, jogging and biking. My lean muscle mass went up in Feb. My working is a lot quicker than when I started 5:2 final Sept. largely thanks to the fat reduction I believe – carrying all around 10kg a lot more than I am now when operating appears to be fairly remarkable!

So from this sample of a person I can conclude the Professor is a charlatan (allegedly) or at greatest mis-guided. I’ve not browse the study on the mice, but Dr Fung will make it clear that the natural system of muscle mass reduction and substitute accounts for some of the urine contents, and all that skin that appears to miraculously vanish as we shed body weight, (rather than us seem like an empty sack of pores and skin) also will get eaten-up.

And last but not least, I don’t consider I have appear across anybody on this forum who moans about muscle dropped, fairly than body fat loss!! As the ardent speedier Dr Fung suggests himself, he would have disappeared by now if a huge proportion of what he’d missing was protein and not extra fat. So for heaven’s sake can these Professors feel before they pontificate. Let us try to remember there are a bunch of extremely eminent Profs out there who obtained us all taking in higher carb-based mostly diet programs. Even the NHS Healthful Balanced Food plan has large carbs, and the proof in the British isles and elsewhere that this is just simple wrong is large! 1 massive experiment that has led to a fast advancement in Style 2. Or a: “Diabetes Tsunami” – to estimate Prof Lau.


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